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In 2009, Web goes on a diet

Great article on CNET about web technologies/businesses in 2009. Advertisements

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A quick video illustrating the progression of information technology

So, if you and your organization are still on the fence regarding technical decisions based on old information, do you really think everything is standing still?  Call us.

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Quick 2 Minute Overview of FileMaker 10’s New Features

This is a very brief overview of FileMaker Pro 10 produced by FileMaker, Inc. We recommend the upgrade.

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Use the Force to Manage Your Organization-Get a Holocron (aka FileMaker Database)!

“On the wall behind Leland Chee’s desk is a portrait of an Ithorian, an alien with a hammer-shaped head that you glimpse briefly in the famous Star Wars cantina scene. In its leathery, foot-long fingers, the Ithorian holds a cube

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Vista Un-Usability

I don’t want to slide into the same old MicroSoft bashing that I hear so often in technical circles. But… I had “one of those days.”  This thanks to the collosal waste of time and money that is MicroSoft Windows

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